Future Climate – Engineering Solutions

Future Climate – Engineering Solutions (FC-ES) is a global alliance of national engineering institutions working to develop and share good practice in national energy and climate planning, with the objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil energy.

The national climate and energy plans evaluate potential actions and measures that could be adopted to reduce emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy. The goal is to implement plans that coincide with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) best case scenario to keep global temperature rise within 20C.

The network of engineering associations agree in advance to a framework which is used to create the national climate and energy plans. Each new framework is a new iteration that builds up on lessons learnt in order to establish a useful good practice guideline which can be widely shared and applied.

The three existing iterations of the framework document are available for download in Documents, resources & newsletters .

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