Progress Report August – September 2012

Summary of August and September 2012:

-Russia has joined the FC-ES network with representatives from the Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations and the Moscow State University Civil Engineering Department

-Representatives from South Africa and Cyprus have joined the project

-A prototype website has been developed and is undergoing an initial review

Progress Report July 2012

Summary of July 2012:

-There are now engineering associations from 23 countries involved in the project

-Work on the new website has commenced

-Formation of the FC-ES steering group (can be found on the FC-ES team tab above)

-There are plans to attend COP18.

Progress Report March – June 2012

Summary of March to June 2012:

-A new international working group for FC-ES has been formed including: Daniel Kenning, Chair of Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group within the IMechE and Paul Jowitt, ex-President of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

-Infrastructure has been set up with the hope of satisfying administration needs online.

-Updates from each country have been requested along with any new data they may have obtained.

-Links with Canada have been established and negotiations with Russia are being planned.

-The World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) has agreed to support FC-ES

Progress Report February 2012

Summary of February 2012:

-The FC-ES infrastructure is being developed, ideally so that each country nominates a liaison who represents all members within that country to the FC-ES coordinator (currently Alison Cooke).

-Dr Alison Cooke attended a post COP17 panel discussion at Cambridge University do discuss FC-ES’s presence at COP17, a link to this can be found here: Post Durban Panel Discussion

Progress Report January 2012

Summary of January 2012:

-Interest in FC-ES has been expressed by the following countries: Chile, Croatia, US and African states.

-Discussions about developing new national energy and climate plans are being held with Japan and China. Potential funding sources have been identified.

-DECC has released Pathways to 2050: an interactive calculator developed to create different approaches towards emission reductions in the UK. Link to Calculator

-Development of a Phase 3 framework has begun.

Progress Report November 2011 (COP 17 Debrief)

Summary of November 2011 events:

– The political outcomes of COP17 included a decision by parties to adopt a universal legal agreement on climate change as soon as possible, and no later than 2015. The documentation for these agreements can be found here: COP 17 Agreements

-Tsinghua University has committed themselves along with the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economics, to becoming part of the FC-ES network.

– Dr Alison Cooke and Dr Shalini Sharma (representing our Indian Partner) conducted a TV interview on behalf of FC-ES. This interview can be found here: TV Interview

-At COP17, there were discussions with the CEO of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE). SAICE co-ordinates the African Engineers Forum and represents engineers across many African countries and the hope is that this will develop into partnerships with these countries in the coming year.

-A series of TV interviews by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership (CPSL) were filmed at COP17 and can be found here: CPSL interviews COP17

Progress Report September – October 2011

Summary of September and October 2011 events:

-UK members of the FC-ES network attended Future Climate 2, a summary of the event can be found in this document: Future Climate 2 Summary

-The IMechE released a statement declaring we have the technology to tackle climate change now. The press release can be found here: IMechE Press Release

– Arrangements for FC-ES members to attend COP17 have been made and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has said they will link us to their counterpart organisations abroad at COP17