Future Climate Engineering Solutions participating at COP16 and COP17 United Nations Climate Change Conferences

Video 1 -COP16 UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, 2010

“Engineering inst brought together representing half a million around the world, pretty much represented in the institutions we have got. That’s a very powerful engineering voice”

Video 2 -Dr Brian Vad Mathiesen from the University of Aalborg and the Danish Society of Engineers, member of FC-ES, at COP16 UN Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico, 2010

“Between the Aalborg University and the Danish Society of Engineers we had a collaboration in creating a plan on how and when we could be free of fossil fuels in the Danish energy mix, and using the knowledge from the engineering society and the scientific community and the engineering community at the University created a plan and a road map towards the future where we can be 100% independent of fossil fuels, and in the Danish context this means in effect that we have a 100% energy renewable system

Video 3 -COP17 UN Climate Change Conference Durban, 2011

“FC-ES is about getting the voice of the engineers into the process of how we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and particularly how that affects the technology within nation countries and how that affects the national energy plans of countries.

“In 2010 the Future Climate Engineering Associations had about 12 countries engineering associations involved in the project representing over a million registered engineers worldwide”

“Engineers have been involved in through companies looking at innovative technologies and how that transferred from country to country, particularly from the developed world to the developing world.”

“We very much hope that engineers can have a real scientific and rational and numerous quantitative input to how our industries would have to rise to the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

“In COP17 the Institution of Engineers India, part of the FC-ES project, also participated. After a successful COP17 and agreed to work with Chinese engineering institutions in China.”

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